Expert skincare you can trust.

A caring and honest approach from Central Alberta’s only full time dermatologist-led clinic.


We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, and nail diseases. We want to help you understand your skin condition and leave with a comprehensive treatment plan.


Innovation Dermatology is Central Alberta’s only cosmetic facility that is dermatologist led. We will help you achieve healthy looking skin at any age.


At Innovation Dermatology we are Central Alberta’s only accredited skin non-hospital surgical facility, providing both insured and non-insured services.

What makes Innovation Dermatology different?

Need to Know

How do I get an appointment with a dermatologist?

In Alberta a visit to the dermatologist is an insured health service. All that is required for your visit is a referral from another physician (usually your family physician) and your provincial health care card.

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The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan does not cover all health care services. However, some services may be covered by other government sponsored or private supplementary health insurance providers. Removal of benign (non-cancerous) moles, cysts or skin tags are not covered. Please feel free to ask any questions about this.

What makes a dermatologist unique from other physicians who provide skin care services?

Innovation Dermatology provides expert skin care you can trust. Becoming a dermatologist requires many years of specialised training.

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After receiving a Doctor of Medicine degree, a dermatology residency must be completed, often followed by sub-specialty training. In Canada this is at least 5 years after completion of medical school. Patients are entitled to know their physician’s qualifications. Anyone can say they are a skin expert or practice dermatology, however, this does not mean they are a board certified dermatologist. We encourage our patients to verify the qualifications of the person they choose to care for their skin. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta provides this free service and can be found at:

What Our Clients Say

“Dr. Day was very kind and helpful to my mother who was diagnosed with a basal cell skin cancer. He booked us quickly for surgery, answered our questions and did a wonderful job in removing the skin cancer on her cheek. She has since healed well.”
“I found Dr. Day very caring and supportive however what an absolutely incredible and compassionate staff he has! I’d trust every single one of his members any day with my skin needs! I had nothing but good things to say as I left his clinic, but I can’t say enough about that crew! Thank you and I’ll definitely will be coming back.”
“I was sent for a mole removal which went so well I asked Dr. Day about another problem. He booked me back and then told me it was a kind of psoriasis. I went on treatment and am way way better. Finally, the itch it gone. He was busy but he delivers results! He took great care of me! Would definitely recommend to others.”


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