Hello my name is Dr. Day with Innovation Dermatology. Today I wanted to talk to you a bit about Botox. Botox is one of the most extensively studied cosmetic medications in the world. It is also the most commonly performed aesthetic procedure in the world with over 11 million bottles of Botox being sold worldwide.

How does it work? Basically it works this way. With lines that are treated by Botox, muscle movement creates those lines, the medication in Botox is a neuromodulator. It slows down the signaling, and relaxes the signaling between the nerves and the muscles.That then consequently relaxes the muscle movement in those areas and minimizes lines in the forehead, in the crow’s feet area, and in what we affectionately call the elevens on the face between the eyebrows. So with that medication how quickly does it work? Generally speaking Botox takes about a couple of days to work after it’s been injected into those specific muscles. How long does it last? Typically about 4 months. Now an important thing to know about it is, it’s a very quick procedure generally about 10 minutes, and can be done over your lunch hour in fact many of our patients call it be lunchtime procedure because they’re in over lunch and they’re back to work after that. So, what are you actually purchasing when you get a Botox treatment? That’s an important thing to understand because when you get BOTOX it’s not a product like say a sunscreen, that you just taken apply to your skin, it’s one that needs to be put into the right areas. And so today I also wanted to not just talk to you about how it works and what it’s used for but also give you a few tips on how to choose a provider to give you Botox treatments.

A few things that I would recommend first of all is this, number one make sure they’re an expert in facial Anatomy. Whether they are a plastic surgeon a dermatologist, or oculoplastic surgeon, these are generally people who do skin cancer surgery on the face and are well-versed in the anatomy in those areas. The next thing is to know what their experience is. You’ll never be wrong to say “how much experience do you have doing this procedure” why is that important? Because you can administer Botox if you’re a physician after a weekend course, so you might not want to be patient number one or two. The next thing is how often do they perform that procedure, so having idea of how many patients a week do you treat will help give you confidence that they are able to deliver what you’re wanting from them after that treatment. Another important question is follow-up, what kind of follow-up are they going to set for you? Did they review your medication history? Did they review your medications to make sure that you aren’t at risk of higher complications? Or are someone who ought not to be getting the procedure such as someone who’s pregnant. hopefully those tips have been helpful for you as you engage in this exciting, and excellent treatment for anti-aging. Thanks for your time.

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