Do you have blackheads that do not improve despite regularly cleansing your skin? Extraction facials provide a deep cleanse for your face, addressing not just the visible surface of the skin, but the individual pores that make up your skin as well. Your pores naturally produce oil, called sebum, which can build up over time and block or clog the pores. This results in skin that appears dull and unhealthy since the buildup of oil and other contaminants prevents skin care products from working effectively. Excessive sebum buildup is also a leading cause of blemishes and acne breakouts. An extraction facial starts with a soothing deep cleanse of the skin, followed by gentle exfoliation and steam treatment.

Steam causes the pores to relax and open, facilitating the extraction process. After your steam treatment, your skin care specialist will begin the extraction process using a specialized tool to effectively remove oil and other buildup from the pores. This process may cause some slight discomfort, but shouldn’t hurt. Your skin care specialist can adjust their technique if your skin is particularly sensitive. After your extraction facial, your skin may appear slightly flushed for a few hours. The soothing products used after your facial will help to minimize redness.

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