Mole Removal

A mole, or “nevus”, is a common benign skin growth composed of pigment cells called melanocytes. The number of moles you develop is dependent on your genes, and cumulative sun exposure. A dermatologist is a specialist in determining whether a mole is harmless or of concern.

Typically, this is done by visual examination although frequently a tool called a dermatoscope is used as well. If a mole appears atypical a biopsy is generally performed.

What to Expect

Do you have an unwanted mole that despite being benign (ie: non-cancerous) you would like removed? Many patients would like moles removed because they do not like their appearance. Depending on the type or location of the mole this can occasionally be performed with a laser or by surgery. Removal of benign moles is considered a cosmetic service and as such is not covered by healthcare. Mole removal rates can vary depending on size and location. Contact our office to see if this procedure is right for you.

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