Natural Eyelash Enhancement

Do you want big and beautiful lashes in a natural way? LATISSE helps you grow lashes that are longer, fuller, and darker. It is the only FDA-approved treatment clinically proven to grow lashes.

How is it used?

LATISSE is used once nightly and applied topically to the base of your upper eyelashes. In as little as 4 weeks, you will start to see more length. At week 16 you should achieve full growth – This is not an illusion of growth, it’s real lash growth.

How LATISSE works

LATISSE makes lash growth possible because of its active ingredient: bimatoprost. LATISSE affects the growth phase of the eyelash hair cycle in two ways: first, it increases the length of this phase, and second, it increases the number of hairs in this growth phase. The effects of the treatment will diminish after several weeks to months if you decide to stop using the product. This product comes in 3ml and 5ml bottles that typically last 4-6 months.

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