Here at Innovation Dermatology we want you to have a healthy understanding of your skin. There are many cosmetic skin blemishes and moles that can potentially turn into cancerous skin cells. It is important to know the warning signs so that we can spot these early, and safely and effectively remove potentially dangerous
skin conditions

What are the features of an a-typical mole?

The term atypical naevus is sometimes used to mean any funny-looking mole. However, strictly speaking, an atypical naevus is defined as a mole with at least 3 of the following features.

  • Size 5 mm diameter
  • Size Ill-defined or blurred borders
  • Irregular margin resulting in an unusual shape
  • Varying shades of colour (mostly pink, tan, brown, black)
  • Flat and bumpy componentsVarying shades of colour (mostly pink, tan, brown, black)

What Our Clients Say

“Dr. Day removed a growth from my face…three months later you can barely see any scar even when looking for it. I was advised by a friend of mine who saw him that I would be in good hands. They were right! If you want a doctor who listens to what you have to say, takes care and attention in performing the surgery, with a cheerful personality, then this is the doctor for you. I would highly recommend Dr. Day.”

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